HACKWAW - quantified self hackathon

A short note about HACKWAW - Warsaw Hackathon focussed on Quantified Self movement.

Paweł Wrzosek

1 minute read

Just a short note about my last weekend. I spent a great time at HACKWAW hackathon focused on Quantified Self movement. That was an amazing opportunity to met people not only from the tech industry but also to chat with mentors from the science world.

That was a truly amazing event — so many creative people, ideas and… gadgets of course! The venue was fantastic, organizers did a great job. Ola, Kuba kudos for you! I hope that we’ll see you again at Maker Land.

Just to mention - our hackathon team (Adam - graphics, Magda - UX, Andrzej - backend, Krzysztof - Android app and me - iOS app) has won the best app design award. LifeGrid app allows you to quantify yourself by tracking and categorizing your daily activities collected with the help of precise iBeacon micro-location and/or traditional GPS geolocation. Afterward, it’ll visualize aggregated data in a stunning form - just take a look at our final presentation. I can assure you, that I’ll continue to work on this project.

For more pictures check the Copernicus Science Centre fanpage.

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