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For just about every task, people are using mobile applications and their accompanying technology on an every-increasing basis.  We’ve come to expect our favorite stores, healthcare professionals, entertainment venues and other vendors to have apps that makes it easy to connect with them in an instant.

At Synappse, our goal is to serve the professional community with systems that are tailored for the way they do business.  On projects big and small, we take an individual approach, putting ourselves in our clients’ shoes to create something that their customers use, love and continually rely on.  Combining the latest technology with top-notch customer service and a commitment to quality, we have proudly served clients in a variety of industries.  And we can’t wait to work with you!


When you choose to work with Synappse, expect the best—from the planning stages through to when your application goes live.  We take a step-by-step approach towards launch that’s geared toward accounting for every last detail and delivering an exceptional product.

During pre-planning, we dig deep to understand your goals and formulate a plan to begin building your system. We shoot to have a prototype completed for you in as short a time as possible (1 week on smaller projects, 2-3 on larger ones). Direct contact with our developers and your account representative allows you to clearly communicate what’s working and what isn’t. Based on your feedback, we fine-tune the project and incorporate final changes. We conduct rigorous testing on our end and provide access for you to do the same. Only when you’re 100% satisfied, do we launch a final version of your application. And we’re here going forward if additional adjustments need to be made.

No matter how big or small your project is, Synappse is committed to guiding you seamlessly through the creation process.  We love contributing to our customers’ success by creating cool products that make a difference in people’s everyday lives!

    • Clear vision
    • UX Scoping
    • Market Analysis
    • Monetization

    1. IDEA

    • UX Consultation
    • Custom tailored UI
    • Wireframes


    • Iterative delivery
    • Feedback at all time
    • Backend integration


    • Test scenarios
    • Dedicated testers
    • Bug tracking software support

    4. TESTING

    • Publishing on clients account
    • App Store Optimalization (SEO)
    • Setup analytics for apps


    • SLA support and guaranty
    • Maintenance agreements
    • Updates

    6. SUPPORT




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    • Andy Stepan, Founder
    • Jarosław Chłopecki, Commercial Director