UPC Think Big Final Gala

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On the 22nd of the January we attended UPC Think Big final gala which featured 10 contest finalists. We had there opportunity to bring closer our idea to the judges who after 3 minutes of our presentation were entitled to ask three questions.

Below you can watch the slides we prepared:

Unfortunately we didn’t win but we had great occasion to test our presentation skills and to check if this audience will know more about iBeacon technology – the answer apparently is not so much, more and more people know something or just heard about Estimote company but the understanding of iBeacon technology is still questionable.

The contest was all about innovation and helping to grow small teams – which we are at the moment. We haven’t seen a lot of innovation there but we took this opportunity to take a closer look at other companies and how do they trying to win in theirs field. Taking all this into account – maybe it’s time for us to go to accelerator of some kind? For now we will just wait for next big project 🙂

And below once again the promo movie that helped get us to the final.

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