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Recently I came to a scenario when I had shared folder and wanted to share it with someone new – but not all of it, just one subfolder. Dropbox isn’t yet giving us good solution for this but we can do a little trick here and make it happen.

So the workaround is to create a symbolic link, you can do it either on widows and linux base systems. Go to the terminal and type:

For Windows

For Linux / OS X

After doing that just share newly created symbolic link with the person and you’re done.
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  • Matt says:

    Good idea.
    I have to share things all the time and run into this often. I end up just sending a link to the user.

    My issue is I have to share folders that are located all over dropbox. Your idea gave me a thought.

    Create a new folder at the root of dropbox for that user. Put symlinks for all the folders that I need to share to that person in this folder. Then share this new folder.

    Nice and clean & I can remove that folder with the symlinks when I’m done.

    • Sebastian Suchanowski says:

      Glad you like it!

      • marc says:


        I ran into the same problem, but even worse, as I use per subfolder an excel macro who is referring to different subfolders who not all the members can/may see…will my excel macro also recognize these new made links??

  • Dan says:

    Thanks, this worked locally for me. However, when opening the new shared subfolder within DropBox (web version), the folder showed empty. Same with others with whom I shared the folder.
    Could it be because I didn’t have the linked folder at the root level? I had the canonical links created inside another root level folder which wasn’t shared and then shared its subfolders (which were canonical links created as you showed here) .
    On my local computer it was fine the links were fine, but the sync showed empty folders even using my DropBox user on a different computer.

  • Travis Schau says:

    Just what I needed — thank you for sharing this! 

  • Joshua says:

    Thanks, I think I get all of this.  The main think is that my friend has a root level folder shared with family that they can all edit.  He wants to share one of the sub-folders with me AND give me permissions to edit.  Will this symlink hack allow the ability to edit and re-submit on all levels?

    • Sebastian Suchanowski says:

      Best solution for you would be move the shared folder to the root level so you will become just another person to share the folder (like his / her family).

      From my experience symlink shared folders have some toubles with editing their content.

  • shelly says:

    I have problems synchronizing the data , when I setting up my computer all the data was synchronize well , but when I move to my new computer all the files I could not synchronize , is there a solution to this problem ?

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