Smoke Watchers – Take control of your addiction!

SmokeWatchers is the first cross-platform social network created to help smokers become ex-smokers. The SmokeWatchers app supports all stages of quitting the habit, including the use of the electronic cigarette, and provides the smoker with the most important part of addiction rehabilitation – community support.

The SmokeWatchers program connects the smoker to watchers, who provide real time monitoring and support through the web platform. The app also includes a virtual coach with a completely personalized program, tailored specifically for the smoker’s individual needs and habits.

For vapers, the SmokeWatchers smart E-cigarette battery provides tracking and wireless control directly in the app. The SmokeWatchers program is the only program aimed at using E-cigarette as a transitional phase – eventually quitting vaping as well, instead of replacing one addiction with another.