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Get discount codes and gifts from the best designers at YARD SALE!

Download this app and come to our fashion fair! When you approach booths that have deals prepared for you, your phone will show you :

– pictures of the products that you can buy with discount,
– mini-gifts,
– offers from new collection!

Our offers are personalized – they match your size and gender!

In addition to all that, inside MUSTASHOP, you will find :

– description of all the designers selling at YARD SALE,
– map of all the designers that have promotional offers for you,
– most important information about our fashion fair and after parties events.

** How does it work ? **

Designers, who prepared deal for you, have beacons placed at their booths. These beacons use Bluetooth SMART to send information to your iPhone/iPad automatically when you’re near one of the booths with deals available.

If your phone doesn’t support iBeacon technology, no worries – you will be able to use QR code technology.

Visit YARD SALE and take advantage of all the deals visible only to you!