iDoc24 PRO

iDoc24 PRO is digital dermatology referral service for health professionals. Please contact for more information.

iDoc24 service is an award-winning digital referral service created in Sweden for health professionals who wish to refer patients to a dermatologist for evaluation. The service is intended to be used by general practitioners, emergency physician, or other non-specialized dermatologist to use on patients with general skin disorders or suspected skin cancer.

When a second opinion is need, the healthcare professional takes images of a skin condition and fills in relevant information about the patient’s problem. When the referral is skin tumor-related, a dermocopy image is included (taken by a custom dermoscope, a diagnostic device consisting of a specialized magnifying glass with polarized light). The dermatologist answers the referral with a possible or probable diagnosis, management suggestions, if the patient needs to see a dermatologist for a face to face visit and, if so, within what time period. In some cases, the dermatologist’s answer may be enough for the attending physician to start patient treatment or start treatment in anticipation of the visit with the dermatologist.

RESEARCH: Sahlgrenska University Hospital
The service has been tested on over 800 patients and the resulting patient care pathway has been compared with that of another 800 patients referred with traditional paper referrals without images. The results show that the waiting time to diagnosis and treatment for patients with various forms of skin cancer (malignant melanoma and squamous cell carcinoma) were reduced by several weeks. The service also proved to have a pedagogical value for the referring general practitioner that results in a 30-50% reduction of unnecessary surgery.

The service is intended for healthcare professionals and registration with iDoc24 AB is needed to activate the service. The service can be used for both public and private health networks and can also be used for a “second opinion” from one of iDoc24’s dermatologists. All dermatologists who work for iDoc24 are specialists and have extensive experience in teledermatology assessments. Dermatologists who work with iDoc24 today originate from Sweden, USA, Canada, UK, Spain, Germany, France and Italy.

If the doctor who refers the patient via iDoc24 chooses to follow the management recommendations, the continued patient care is the referring doctor’s responsibility.

To register the app, send an email to:
For registration medical qualifications are required.

This service is provided by iDoc24 AB.

iDoc24 PRO is a triage service for skin conditions. Assessments of referrals sent via iDoc24 PRO can not replace a face-to-face visit with a doctor.