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iDoc24 is an award-winning app that connects you to an on-demand dermatologist to answer questions about your skin in under 24 hours.

No registration. No hassle. Just Answers.

Simply download the app, take two pictures of the affected area, fill out a description of your symptoms, and press send. Within 24 hours our dermatologists will respond. Your personalized answer from our dermatologists will contain medical information about your skin problem: what it most likely is, how it can be treated, and whether or not you should see a dermatologist in-person.

24 HOUR GUARANTEE – iDoc24 promises a response within 24 hours of your case submission.

EXPERT DERMATOLOGISTS – Every iDoc24 Dermatologists has had more than 5 years of specialized training in dermatology at top medical institutions and have been tested and vetted by a senior medical advisory board.

100% ANONYMOUS – No login or identifiable information is needed. Additionally, your information is encrypted and always kept on secure servers.

SKIN GUIDE – The skin guide provides on-demand information about common skin conditions such as acne, eczema, balanitis, folliculitis, and herpes simplex virus. Read for yourself about common skin conditions and infections from a safe source.

FIND YOUR CLOSEST DERMATOLOGIST – iDoc24 provides a map showing the nearest doctor, pediatrician, dermatologist and pharmacy based on your location.

PRESS COVERAGE – Our service has been featured by CNN, Forbes, Medgadget, and many others.

iDoc24’s on-demand dermatologists are board-certified experts in the field, having already helped over 8,000 users get information about their skin problems. Are you concerned about skin symptoms such as bumps, moles, rashes, itching or redness? Are you traveling and don’t have access to your doctor at home? Common conditions our doctors identify include acne, eczema, pre-cancerous moles, psoriasis, rosacea, and hives. They also identify sexually transmitted skin diseases/infections (STDs) such as, folliculitis, balanitis, yeast infections, and herpes simplex virus. So If you have a bothersome skin issue or a suspected STD, get yourself anonymously evaluated by the trusted leader in mobile dermatology, iDoc24.

With iDoc24, your pictures and information are kept completely secure and anonymous.

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iDoc24 is a medical information service: Our on-demand doctors are specialists in dermatology. iDoc24 is not a diagnostic service, but can be used for guidance on what can be done in the event of a visual problem. Our doctors and iDoc24 can not replace a proper medical consultation.