Echoe your events to the World! We would like to welcome you to our new project : Echoes! Join us and help us create something unique to every user around the world for free! 
The idea behind Echoes is that we want to gather all of the events happening in the world in one place, allowing our users to freely navigate trough our app. 
Main benefits of our innovative approach are: 

Creating a strong, reliable society: Our priority with Echoes, is to create a community of people connected by they love to explore the world and its possibilities. Echoes comes with no limitations. We enable user to create their profiles, stay in touch with their friends, but most importantly , we allow users to explore our enormous database of events! 

Researching events in your area was never faster: Times where users were constantly interupted by events they are not interested in are over! With our intuitive filter system , user can determine his search specificaly to location , date, popularity and the category of the event. 

Planning your days: Our app is integrated with calendar, so users can easily plan their activites. However our approach here is an answer to most of the travelling apps, where most of the activities described there are typical, tourist activities. We want to allow users to browse our event calendar and to see what is happening in other cities, so users can perform their holiday plans better! No one wants to be a typical tourist! 

We think about events , not venues. We decided to allow users to interact with our app in two ways. One way being that every user for free can browse through our extensive event list, and the second way being that every user also for free can create an event. If you are Dj’ing in a club, have an art exhibition , or you are simply organizing an event- Echoes is an ideal app for you. Users can for free distribute their events to all of their friends and new users! 

User Interface- Our main goal was to create the most user-friedly interface. Our app is dedicated not only to young people but also to the more grown users , that value the simplicity and the fast responses from the app. 

We are still a young movement, learning each day. Join us and help us improve Echoes! Every review matters to us, as we value our users the most. Together we can build something great. By us for us. Echoes.