iBeacons in retail

Synappse Estimote iBeacon Retails

Możesz przeczytać ten artykuł po polsku tutaj (you can read this page in polish).

We were first to deploy iBeacons in Poland. Creating Neon Muzeum application which is using Estimote iBeacons gave us a lot of experience in that area. What we plan to do is try to bring this technology not only to big galleries and malls but cover also retail so we could take the experience and posibilities to make the best value of the customer.

Bluetooth Low Energy which is the main technology behind iBeacons works so efficiently that it will not drain smartphone battery (even having Bluetooth turned on all the time) and the beacon (e.g. Estimote iBeacon) itself will run for up to two years.

iBeacons in retail could give a huge edge to first who will use and bring again clients to the store – what is nowadays the biggest strugle for them. We believe that this technology could increase the sales and bring new meaning to sales.

But not only retail is good case here – underappreciated world of culture could be send to another level – Culture 2.0. Having in-door localization we can deliver better content based on the context and even upgrade the guided trip so you could stay behind and watch what you like the most not worring that the group just have left the room. All content in your smartphone – why not!

Properly set up iBeacons and right application could help you save time and money. They could help you find the place you are looking for or tell you to stop at the store you are just passing by. There are endless use cases for this. Let’s us just think for a second about the blind – we do can make this world a little more friendly.

Smartphones could work as a iBeacons too. How many times had you trouble to find someone in the crowd – at the same time being so close to each other? Or your wallet in the morning or car on the parking, etc.. Simple application could solve this and many more issues.

Those are only few examples. If you can think of any iBeacon uses at your company, please contact us contact@synappse.co.