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XCode 7 Beta 3 crash after opening project

Apple recently released another beta version of it’s XCode 7. Unfortunately it comes not only with fixes but with one extremely annoying bug. After you try to create new or open existing project it just crashes. Lucky for us there is a quick solution for this. We need to remove some XCode configuration file (which will be regenerated after XCode will launch).

rm ~/Library/Preferences/


Sharing subfolders of shared folder – dropbox

synappse dropbox share

Recently I came to a scenario when I had shared folder and wanted to share it with someone new – but not all of it, just one subfolder. Dropbox isn’t yet giving us good solution for this but we can do a little trick here and make it happen.

So the workaround is to create a symbolic link, you can do it either on widows and linux base systems. Go to the terminal and type:

For Windows

For Linux / OS X

After doing that just share newly created symbolic link with the person and you’re done.